GroLine Direct Soil pH Electrode HI1294 for HI9814

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The HI12943 is a pH electrode for the direct measurement of pH in soil and soilless media. The HI12943 is a glass body, refillable, single junction pH electrode with a DIN connector that is compatible with the HI9814 Groline portable pH/EC/TDS meter. This electrode has a triple ceramic junction in the outer reference cell and the conic pH sensing tip is made with low temperature glass. There is an integrated amplifier and built-in temperature sensor for automatically temperature compensated pH readings. The design consideration for the HI12943 is ideal for pH measurements in soils and hydroponics growing media including rockwool, coconut cour, perlite and other soilless substrates. The HI12943 can only be used with Hanna's HI9814 Groline portable pH/EC/TDS meter. *HI1293 is replacing HI1294D. Both electrodes are compatible with existing models of HI9814.

  • Triple Ceramic Junction
  • Low Temperature Glass
  • Built-in Temperature Sensor

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