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HID12-240V:  12-OUTLET 240V Wireless Controller


Input:  208/240V Single Phase 50/60Hz, 70A Maximum (High Leg OK) L1+L2+Neutral+Ground

Output:  208/240V Single Phase 50/60Hz, 70A Maximum

NEMA 6-15 Duplex Outlet Receptacles:  6 (12 outlets total)

Circuit Protection: 15A Thermal Circuit Breaker Per Duplex Outlet

Programmable Zones:  1 or 2

WiFi 2.4GHz Standard ½ wave antenna

Powder coated steel enclosure

For Indoor Use Only

Dimensions:  13.00” x 14.00” x 4.00”

Weight:  14.5 Lbs.

Shipping Dimensions:  18” x 16” x 6”

Shipping Weight:  16.5 Lbs.

UPC: 688907908973  (HID12-240V)

UPC: 688907908980  (HID12-240V-D)

UPC: 688907908997  (HID12-240V-3PHASE)

UPC: 688907909000  (HID12-240V-3PHASE-D)

With the HID12, wiring-up lights by the dozen has never been easier – or smarter!  The HID12 is the ultimate lighting controller in every way and the #1 choice for commercial growers.  Installation is literally a breeze, thanks to the removable front panel and direct-wire terminal blocks.  Knockouts on each side allow convenient wire entry options from any direction.  So easy to install, you will be up-and-running in just a few minutes!  And it goes without saying that nobody can afford downtime.  That’s why we’ve designed the HID12 with minimal failure points and easy-to-replace parts.  On the off chance you blow a relay, no problem - replace it in minutes without taking the unit out of service. 

When it comes to plugging in your lights, each NEMA 6-15 outlet pair can deliver up to 15A of current, and is protected by its own 15A circuit breaker.  And best of all, when you are on the #GCNetwork, you have unlimited flexibility in programming your lighting routines – any time, and from any place.  Stop staying late!  Just pull out your phone from your easy chair and update your lighting schedule!  You can create standard day & night schedules, custom day and night lengths, and even seasonal lighting patterns that mimic nature.

When you have a CS1T or CS2 Climate Sensor on the #GCNetwork, it adds high temperature shutoff features to this unit so you can add phased lighting shutdown if a certain temperature threshold is exceeded.  You can also order this model in a 2-Zone configuration, where you can control your lights in two separate zones of six outlets each, with different program schedules for each zone (model HID12-240V-D), so you could run two different rooms, each with its own schedule.  The standard HID12-240V includes a 5-second delay between zones, so the first six lights start up, then the next 6 lights start up 5 seconds later.  Overall, you will not find a better lighting controller anywhere!  Join the #GCNetwork today!


-240V Single Phase lighting controller (high leg ok). L1+L2+Neutral+Ground

-12 NEMA 6-15R 240-Volt outlets, with a 15A circuit breaker for each outlet pair. 

-Up to 70A maximum output.

-Three Phase models also available (model HID12-240V-3PHASE).

- Automate all of your lighting within minutes! Access your HID12 controller from any phone, tablet, or computer via app or browser. 

-Create simple on/off lighting schedules for veg and bloom, create custom day & night lengths, and create season lighting patterns where the days shorten during the bloom cycle.

-Create and upload lighting programs, turn lights on & off manually, get alerts, and review statistics – no matter where you happen to be. 

-Easy to install and operate.  The removable front cover makes installation a breeze.  Wire directly to color-coded terminal blocks, with knockouts on each side of the chassis for flexible wire entry options. 

-Staggered startup.  First six outlets power up, then next 6 outlets power up 5 seconds later.

-Optional dual zone model (HID12-240V-D), with independent programming capability for each zone of six outlets, allows you to run two different schedules from one controller.

-Use with CS1T or CS2 Climate Sensor to provide high temp shutoff functions.

-Replaceable components mean no down time, ever.    

-The HID12 never misses a beat.  Even if internet is down, all programs continue to execute. 

-Powder coated steel enclosure built to last a lifetime with keyhole tabs for easy wall mounting.

-UL 508A Compliant. One-year manufacturer warranty.

-Requires Internet Router with WPS, GrowCentral Account, and Internet access. 

-Proudly designed and made in the USA by master growers (who also happen to be tech geeks!!), with three decades of experience in the industry – undisputedly the best controllers money can buy!   

Automating with GrowCentral is the easiest and smartest thing you can do for your garden!  Join the #GCNetwork today!

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